August 3, 2011 – Cardinal Work & Relational Shift

This morning we rise with MARS having entered Cardinal Water sign Cancer in the middle of the night from airy Gemini. This Mars turns the cardinal T-Square of PLUTO, SATURN, and URANUS into a GRAND CROSS. This cross commands evolution, change, and motivation for rebirth in areas of home, work, self & relationship.

MOON squares MARS while MARS trines NEPTUNE, predawn, pdt. Although there is tension for individuated change, we are allied with MOVEMENT, Will, and Flow.

MOON opposes URANUS in the Grand Cross at 10:12 am and we are learning healthy individuation and the end of co-dependence.

MOON squares PLUTO on the cross at 11:53 am, pdt and we have an opportunity for a little death in the realm of our relationship and work dynamic.

MOON sextiles VENUS at 3:56 pm and feminine harmony supports the little deaths and big changes occurring.

SUN in Leo sextiles MOON in Libra tonight at 10:05 pm pdt, and harmony between masculine and feminine empowers us to overcome limitations we may be feeling in relational reality with others, as MOON conjuncts the SATURN corner of the cross at Midnight!

Although today is a rite of passage day with some tension to rebirth, we have motivation and allied support!

May your vessel of rebirth be revelatory and alive with heart!