July 31, 2011 – Deep Feminine up for healing

We rise with the NEW MOON in LEO, after a wild NEW MOON party with Venus, Uranus & Jupiter aspecting.  We’re heading toward some kind of magical alchemy within the feminine side of humanity today.

VENUS inconjunct CHIRON at 6:22 pm pdt, causing a strange angled transition in deep feminine healing.  We all move through this powerful dose of healing.  The day leads us up to a healing transition in the evening.

VENUS trining URANUS at 9:09 pm reveals magic and humor is in the air–awesome tools for healing and cathartic breakthrough of whatever has been yearning to be “broken through.”

MOON sextiles URANUS at 11:20 pm pdt.  This Moon is touched by magic, humor, shock or any other Uranian expression, then goes VOID until moving into VIRGO just in time for Monday morning!

Today is a deep inner healing day and Monday will be a real Monday–with lots of details to take care of!  May your healing transition be a miracle!



July 30, 2011 – HAPPY NEW MOON in Fiery Passionate Creative Leo

Pre-dawn, MOON conjuncted VENUS in LEO, at 3:03 am, sending us into a day of sacred feminine. In this cycle, we can invoke our DIVINE FEMININE presence, and birth a new way of being that includes expanded spirit and is supported by the invisible magic of URANUS.

MOON trines URANUS just after sunrise, at 6:47 am pdt, and the day is off the charts in the realms of MAGIC.  Anything is possible when we intend clearly and partner with the magic unfolding forces of life.

We are still detoxing and releasing from the death eclipse cycle up until the NEW MOON at 11:44 am pdt. HAPPY NEW MOON!  This New Moon is here to remind us that magic is alive, the divine feminine is afoot and we are vehicles partnered with magic!

MOON squares JUPITER at 2:22 pm and we expand SPIRIT presence in our tiny human 3-D vessels, if we choose.  Jupiter square Moon can also provide opportunities to expand in other ways.

MOON sextiles SATURN at 8:09 pm, providing grounding for all the airy fiery creative energy that is moving through and around us. This evening is a magical evening for grounding our Leonine creative self into our imagination and then the 3-D.

Deeply Magical New Seed Moon Blessings!

We step into a portal of transformation of humanity today that is the first day on an intiatory journey of 18 months. (I will write more about this portal in the next few days and weeks). May the SOURCE  be with you!!



July 28, 2011 – Cross of change, release and deep healing

The waning MOON in Cancer this morning has entered the realm of the Cardinal cross of 2011.  MOON squared URANUS and opposed PLUTO, Pre-dawn. We are transforming in this cross, which changes our self, relationship, home and work life!

VENUS moves from Cancer to creative fiery LEO today at 7:59 am.  Our love is passionate, creative and alive in the summer!

MOON in Cancer sextiles JUPITER in Taurus and we LOVE to be at home when we can.  We love to enjoy the closest beauty to home and to eat food that nourishes us. Moon is waning so it is a quiet inward resting time and this aspect encourages us to enjoy the beauty and sensual pleasures of our inner home.

MERCURY moves from Leo to VIRGO at 11am pdt and our communicator self is moving from passionate fire to grounded detailed earth, better for writing and editing.  This mercury is direct for a few more days, before going RETROGRADE to head BACK into Leo on August 2nd.  We can enjoy these last few days of Mercury direct to solidify plans and sign contracts, before we face three weeks of Mercury retrograde where plans and contracts may go in circles or appear to follow non-linear rules.  We have until AUGUST 2nd to make plans that might stick.  Mercury retrograde is nothing to be afraid of, just a time to be fluid, flexable and open to all the plan changes that arise.

MOON squares SATURN (in relationship Libra) and we’re in the changing relationship part of the cross, with moon waning, destroying and releasing all that is not of the future and our highest new expression in relationship of the future.

MERCURY opposes NEPTUNE at 9:03 pm pdt and we are having a conversation with the divine and big WATER in our lives. How do we each talk to our water?  We are made of water and water nourishes and heals us.  We can spend this evening thanking water as we have a kind of FULL WATER MERCURY.  We are held by the waters of the earth and gratitude is our key to receiving more of these watery benefits.

Today we are in the second to last day of the lunar cycle that began with a SOLAR ECLIPSE. We are deeply releasing, letting go and completing all things that arose in the eclipse cycle, preparing once again, to begin anew, with fresh creative cycle energy at the new moon on July 30th at 11:44am.  We can enjoy the dark deep quiet release time until then.


July 27, 2011 – Empowered Creativity sustained by Magic

MOON in fast thinking Gemini eclipses MARS in this talking sign.  This mars eclipse at 9:55 am pdt is a moment to watch our feet and mouths and make sure they are not coming together!  This MARS eclipse asks us, what is right action? This is a morning to align our walk with our thought!

SUN in Leo trines URANUS in Aries this afternoon at 12:44 pm, pdt.  This is a fiery magical aspect that supports our personal creative fires (Sun) with the invisible and often humorous magic of Uranus.  This fiery trine is a highlight of magical sustenance for creative vision in the midst of this revolutionary break-through time of Uranus in Aries.  We can remember that we are the ones who guide our projects to fly higher and truer!

MOON in Gemini sextiles MERCURY in Leo, in the evening at 5:35 pm pdt and our writing hat is on!  We can write, talk or brainstorm away in this mercurial airy energy!  We have ideas galore and it is truly a moment to WRITE!

MOON trines NEPTUNE at 6:34 pm pdt and we are floating down our own river in this beautiful summer evening.  We may feel like the pink sunset and poetry may be flowing out of us like fresh springs of love and lyric.

This is a day for poets, musicians, artists and writers to fly!  If we don’t think of ourselves in these expressions, today we are all of them and can feel creative empowerment!


July 26, 2011 – Grounding fast-moving energy

MOON in Gemini TRINES SATURN in Libra at 8:35 am pdt and this is the only aspect in today’s planetary concert.  This airy trine asks us to ground our ideas into form, to speak openly into our partnerships, and receive the abundance of life in community on earth.  Each of us is a part of a larger community of beings and our interconnection with this life is what grounds us in this reality.  Today we are supported to anchor ourselves in our community in the ways we choose.  We can write, speak, compare notes and catalogue our ideas into reality with our allies, partners and friends today!!  The air element is fast-moving and in these times manifestation and change can happen at the speed of light.  Today, we can focus on our primary intentions and watch them flourish as we network and communicate these intentions.