July 31, 2011 – Deep Feminine up for healing

We rise with the NEW MOON in LEO, after a wild NEW MOON party with Venus, Uranus & Jupiter aspecting.  We’re heading toward some kind of magical alchemy within the feminine side of humanity today.

VENUS inconjunct CHIRON at 6:22 pm pdt, causing a strange angled transition in deep feminine healing.  We all move through this powerful dose of healing.  The day leads us up to a healing transition in the evening.

VENUS trining URANUS at 9:09 pm reveals magic and humor is in the air–awesome tools for healing and cathartic breakthrough of whatever has been yearning to be “broken through.”

MOON sextiles URANUS at 11:20 pm pdt.  This Moon is touched by magic, humor, shock or any other Uranian expression, then goes VOID until moving into VIRGO just in time for Monday morning!

Today is a deep inner healing day and Monday will be a real Monday–with lots of details to take care of!  May your healing transition be a miracle!