July 30, 2011 – HAPPY NEW MOON in Fiery Passionate Creative Leo

Pre-dawn, MOON conjuncted VENUS in LEO, at 3:03 am, sending us into a day of sacred feminine. In this cycle, we can invoke our DIVINE FEMININE presence, and birth a new way of being that includes expanded spirit and is supported by the invisible magic of URANUS.

MOON trines URANUS just after sunrise, at 6:47 am pdt, and the day is off the charts in the realms of MAGIC.  Anything is possible when we intend clearly and partner with the magic unfolding forces of life.

We are still detoxing and releasing from the death eclipse cycle up until the NEW MOON at 11:44 am pdt. HAPPY NEW MOON!  This New Moon is here to remind us that magic is alive, the divine feminine is afoot and we are vehicles partnered with magic!

MOON squares JUPITER at 2:22 pm and we expand SPIRIT presence in our tiny human 3-D vessels, if we choose.  Jupiter square Moon can also provide opportunities to expand in other ways.

MOON sextiles SATURN at 8:09 pm, providing grounding for all the airy fiery creative energy that is moving through and around us. This evening is a magical evening for grounding our Leonine creative self into our imagination and then the 3-D.

Deeply Magical New Seed Moon Blessings!

We step into a portal of transformation of humanity today that is the first day on an intiatory journey of 18 months. (I will write more about this portal in the next few days and weeks). May the SOURCE  be with you!!