July 27, 2011 – Empowered Creativity sustained by Magic

MOON in fast thinking Gemini eclipses MARS in this talking sign.  This mars eclipse at 9:55 am pdt is a moment to watch our feet and mouths and make sure they are not coming together!  This MARS eclipse asks us, what is right action? This is a morning to align our walk with our thought!

SUN in Leo trines URANUS in Aries this afternoon at 12:44 pm, pdt.  This is a fiery magical aspect that supports our personal creative fires (Sun) with the invisible and often humorous magic of Uranus.  This fiery trine is a highlight of magical sustenance for creative vision in the midst of this revolutionary break-through time of Uranus in Aries.  We can remember that we are the ones who guide our projects to fly higher and truer!

MOON in Gemini sextiles MERCURY in Leo, in the evening at 5:35 pm pdt and our writing hat is on!  We can write, talk or brainstorm away in this mercurial airy energy!  We have ideas galore and it is truly a moment to WRITE!

MOON trines NEPTUNE at 6:34 pm pdt and we are floating down our own river in this beautiful summer evening.  We may feel like the pink sunset and poetry may be flowing out of us like fresh springs of love and lyric.

This is a day for poets, musicians, artists and writers to fly!  If we don’t think of ourselves in these expressions, today we are all of them and can feel creative empowerment!