July 26, 2011 – Grounding fast-moving energy

MOON in Gemini TRINES SATURN in Libra at 8:35 am pdt and this is the only aspect in today’s planetary concert.  This airy trine asks us to ground our ideas into form, to speak openly into our partnerships, and receive the abundance of life in community on earth.  Each of us is a part of a larger community of beings and our interconnection with this life is what grounds us in this reality.  Today we are supported to anchor ourselves in our community in the ways we choose.  We can write, speak, compare notes and catalogue our ideas into reality with our allies, partners and friends today!!  The air element is fast-moving and in these times manifestation and change can happen at the speed of light.  Today, we can focus on our primary intentions and watch them flourish as we network and communicate these intentions.