June 9, 2011 – Beauty in Action

Around sunrise, MOON squared MERCURY then went void of course until going back on course in GEMINI at 9:34 am pdt.

The MOON in GEMINI reminds us that we often speak without thinking.  MOON squares NEPTUNE in Pisces at 10:04 am and the tension between our small selves and the RIVER of NEPTUNIAN force of life reveal to us that our WORDS have POWER, for better or for worse.  What we believe we speak and what we speak we create.

SUN in its home sign of LEO sextiles MOON in GEMINI at 2:37 pm pdt and our words have wings and sacred flames to fuel them like little creative rockets in the cosmos.  What dance is sexy, creative & passionate! MOON TRINES (loves) VENUS at 4:16 pm, pdt. Mother Love and Beauty hour!

Late tonight at 10:34 pm, pdt. We could receive an unexpected communication or cathartic emotional breakthrough. Sweet Divine Breakthrough to you!


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