July 20, 2011 – Water harmony Morning – Firey Transformative Evening

pre-dawn, SUN in Cancer Trines MOON in oceanic Pisces. Floating into the morning, with the Moon between water and fire, we prepare for our monthly dose of healthy Aries individuation.

MOON into Aries at 9:25 am pdt. All day we move toward a personal soulful revolution, brought on by MOON Conjunt URANUS at 6:30 pm and MOON squaring PLUTO, of our deathing and rebirthing Cardinal Cross of summer. MOON SQUARES PLUTO AT 8:46 pm and we can mini death & rebirth a project or corner of our Capricornian work life. We prepare for the discipline and boundary-driven Saturn opposite Moon part of the cross tomorrow morning. May this cross cook us into gracefully transformed awakened organisms!
Cardinal Cheers!