July 16, 2011 – Grand Grounding Air Trine

Pre-dawn, MOON squares JUPITER, expanding our emotional space by stretching the banks of our rivers. Emotional water flows where our heart goes.  Our choices create boundaries and banks to the river of our lives—we are expanding landscapes, growing in cosmic light.

GRAND TRINE: MOON/SATURN/MARS.  MOON in visionary AQUARIUS trines STRUCTURING-Relationship SATURN in LIBRA at 10:41 am, pdt, for a super grounding morning of bones aligned. This day is one of those days where we have the opportunity to REVISION our lives. We can die (with the power of the waning eclipse cycle) and rebirth with our Aquarian vision today–anything we choose.

Moving toward a MOON trine MARS this evening, four minutes before MIDNIGHT, PDT, We raise our masculine power all day, touching an activation point in the grand trine late tonight.  We are ALIVE with masculine energy—we can ground our expansive visions with practical step-by-step motions, fueled by the PASSION of our individuated WHOLE (Saturn-Wisened) selves!

We can recreate new sysems of transportation, communication, relationship, family structures, social structures: ‘Its a revision festival!’ – all over the earth, guided by the chorus of planets as they love triangles!!  MARS (divine masculine), SATURN (divine boundaries) and MOON (divine emotions) form a magical geometric grounding and expanding trine.  We are blessed with efficiency and mental creative power, rooting into form.