October 3, 2011 – Landing on the Moon

Pre-dawn, MOON squares JUPITER, expanding our emotional space by stretching the banks of our river. Water flows where our heart goes. Our choices create boundaries create our lives. This day is one of those days where we have the opportunity to completely REVISION our lives. We can die and rebirth anything we choose. We can recreate new sysems of transportation, communication, relationship, family structures, social structures . . . . its a revision festival – all over the earth, guided by the celebration of the planetes at 5:19 am pdt, reminding us, if we happened to forget for a moment, our inner revolution has only just begun.

MOON comes into contact with PLUTO in Capricorn at 10:08 am pdt and we’re “on the cross” again.  This “cross” is the Cardinal Cross of Change we’ve been in all summer.  We’re STILL in the cauldron of this change, being COOKED!  Happy Cooking!

MOON in earth Capricorn TRINES JUPITER in Taurus at 4:24 pm and GRACE IS POURING DOWN FROM HEAVEN!  Resources abound if we have eyes to see them!

SUN in Libra SQUARES MOON in Capricorn at 8:15 pm, pdt (pacific daylight time) and we’re crossing over from the dark half to the light half of the lunar cycle.  This is the lunar cycle of the HIGH PRIESTESS (in an 18 lunar cycle portal of initiation, which i’m currently tracking through the journey of the Tarot)  As the light of this cycle lifts us up, we are called to perfect our own receptors and vessels through which we listen to our Divine Spirit, which guides us.  The Full Moon in Aries, coming on October 11 at 7:06 pm, calls us into our “authorship!” We author our lives with our beliefs, perceptions and choices. We can rewrite our own script at this full moon.



July 15, 2011 – Awakening Moon

This is the morning after the Sacred Moon-Based holy day, Guru Purnuma. Yesterday evening, the light of the Full Moon was bright enough to pierce through the veils of darkness that cloud our consciousness from receiving the direct clarity of source. This morning we are born anew, cleared of spiritual cobwebs! MOON moves into Aquarius at 1:30 pm pdt, opening our spirits like giant nectar tongues, ready to taste higher truth.

At 9:56 pm pdt, MOON in Aquarius SEXTILES URANUS in Aries, adding comedic or outrageous fuel to our community spirit and awakening consciousness.