August 25, 2011 – Inside the Healing Portal

This morning we rise having crossed a shift point in the VENUS / SATURN cycle. VENUS SQUARE SATURN was exact at a little after midnight last night, pdt.  VENUS is related to our love and affection and our creative expression.  SATURN asks us, “How are you choosing to limit yourself and where are the boundaries?”  Is it time for deeper comittment, freeing up, or a grand shift?  The square has WORk involved, so expect to WORK these aspects of life, for highest use of this tension point, which we’ve been feeling yesterday and today.

MOON into Capricorn in the morning at 7:14 am pdt, asks us to address the Saturnian side of the shift, limits, boundaries, structures and comittments. PLUTO in Capricorn gives depth and financial umph as well as a destructive aspect of decomposing the old to compost it into the new.  We’re in the cauldron of the GRAND CROSS in CARDINAL SIGNS, which is currently deconstructing n front of us to overcome, like hero’s of compassion and gratitude.



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