February 21, 2013 – Mama Power, Healing New Life, New Maturity

This morning we rise with a MOON in fiery Sagittarius as of 2:47 am pdt.   MOON squared NEPTUNE pre-dawn, revealing there may have been a spill, a leak or a flood in our dreams last night.

MOON trines URANUS at 10:40 am, pdt.  This energy is fiery magic.  Uranus touches the invisible world, miracles and things that manifest suddenly, as it TRINES fiery Sagittarius Moon, we’re lofted into our inspired higher mind, able to talk to the angels if we choose.

MERCURY in Leo sextiles MARS in Gemini at 8:28 pm pdt and our ‘fiery magic’ is available to us all day and all night. Whatever we think or intend is possible if we take just one step toward it.

MOON sextiles SATURN in Libra, and our relationships can rest in this magic as well.  We are spirits and bodies and meant to soar iny within that will ultimately mature our whole human species. We will mother our own species into this new maturity. We will all grow each other into an ascended culture.

NEPTUNE comes closest to EARTH in its path around the ecliptic, (this afternoon at 2:39 pm, pst) so MORE WATER today!

MOON TRINE MERCURY at 6:08 pm, pst is a gentle communications nudge from our inner mother, toward the outer world. We are here to mother the world, whether we are man, woman or child, because the world and humanity needs mothering at this time.

May we all mother each other and the world with all our heart and soul, so we may grow into the kind-hearted creative divine culture we are meant to become.