July 9, 2011 – Radical Shift – URANUS Retrograde

This morning we rise to a totally radical shift day, in the middle of a PLUTO PORTAL, in the middle of a GRAND CROSS, in the middle of an ECIPSE FIELD, with a RISING MOON, about to be full in a few days, our planet of invisible miracles and electricity and invisible magical things we can’t see, that happen ‘all of a sudden.’  This Uranus RETROGRADED at 5:35 pm pdt.  These Uranian aspects can be crazy chaos, best taken with a spoonful of grounded ability to laugh at ourselves and life.

At 8:06 pm, our MOON squares MERCURY for a moment of communications tension or transition.  We’re still shifting.  Care in communications in these moments this evening.  Deep care to all souls tonight as our Uranian poles SHIFT, to go retrograde.  Watch and see what Uranian Energy shifting from direct to retrograde does in your life–and let me know if you are inspired!

I love astrological stories!