July 8, 2011 – Pluto’s Rabbit Hole of Transformation continues

Now on the light side of the lunar cycle, we sail into the deeper layers of our Pluto Portal. As we each traverse our own shadow, piece of work, deep love/soul shift, death, or birth of some kind, we  are reminded that we are made of so many beautiful rich things.  We are like landscapes with caves, underworlds, heavens, and many many expressions within our inside world.  Today is a day when this mysterious multi-dimensional world of ours, sail’s us into a deeply healing journey. Something about today could trigger a wound, since Chiron is involved, and yet the high lighter expression of Chiron is deeply deeply HEALING, sometimes experiencing the healing of things that have long been a thorn.

Today, old thorns can be removed.  We can “step up to our own PLATE in life” and accept the love of this world,” as it comes flying at us at volcanic speed.

May your mountains erupt glorious lava flows of your own regeneration.

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