July 7, 2011 – Down our own Pluto Hole

Today’s astrological forecast, along with its astrologer, fell down the “rabbit hole” of today’s Pluto Portal.  We each journey through an experience that “works us,” takes us to our core, where we touch more closely, our soul.

We are down our own Pluto Hole now, in the very end of our Three Ecilpse Field, which takes us through the end of July!  So these days are heightened initiatory days for each of us, in which our own higher self and soul are diving us deeply into our death/rebirth/regeneration portal of our own divine perfect design. Whatever feels as if it might be dying, needs to be resurrected in another form. We have death, and resurrection, then another death, and then a birth, this cycle continues on many layers inside of us all the time as cells in each organ are born and die. Our ideas, our beliefs, our way of doing relationship, work, home and ourselves is going through a radical and deeply soulfully FUN SHIFT in consciousness, as PLUTO works us through this transformation.

We’re now on the LIGHT side of the lunar cycle, one week away from the magnificent finale and final flowering of the ECLIPSE field–THE FULL MOON, following the NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE of July 1st, at the beginning of this cycle.

Deep Blessings as you traverse your own rising light, in the midst of a great transformation, while you are now, DOWN YOUR PLUTO HOLE.  I salute you for your courage in taking the steps through this portal!

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