July 5, 2011 – Mastering Earth

MOON in VIRGO this morning is trining JUPITER in TAURUS pre dawn. We are in an expanded state of grounding!  These are special days where we have the ability to touch the earth, feel her caressing us, and ride her the way the Avatars in the movie Avatar were connected.  This MOON trine JUPITER is coming into a GRAND TRINE with JUPITER and PLUTO, exactly trine on Thursday just after sunrise, pdt.  We are deathing & birthing our ways and we can let go of the old because there is grace in the new today.  We can enjoy what it feels like to have our feet in the dirt, our hands touching physical earthen-made objects, dancing our FEET through these times! We can celebrate these physical bodies which are like the best sports equipment a spirit ever had to visit the earth, and we are only here for a limited amount of time! We have the opportunity to cultivate the earth and each other to expand, flourish and grow into more beauty and earth-human-connection. The earth loves us and nourishes us.  She loves to be tended in areas that need tending, or protecting.  These are the times for Earth Stewards to rise in power.

At 11:09 am, pdt, MERCURY – Communications is SQUARE JUPITER – expansion, a transition point in the cycle of  Mercury and Jupiter, we are learning how to communicate differently and its more fun than the old way. Its time to make a shift in the mental area, its a “belief system, to word system SHIFT!” moment.

MOON squares MARS at 11:50 am WATCH THIS TENSION POINT. Handle with consciousness and it can be home-work well done.

We are rewarded in the evening for making it through the tension today, by a MOON sextile SUN  at 5:19 pm pdt, at which point MOON goes into the VOID between Virgo and Libra.

ECLIPSED ECONOMY: I’m being reminded that our economy is standing on toothpicks with lots of “professionalism fronting.”  This front of “professionalism as a disguise for a lack of authentic value to life,” may not last for very much longer.  The eclipse we just crossed at the new moon was OPPOSITE Capricorn related to money structures and STRUCTURES of power. This is a likely time for a stock market crash, or the death and rebirth of the way we make “a living.” The Capricornian financial structure is literally at this moment opposed by “the Mother” and Super Kali Ma is Blowing apart our old ways of living in the old structures of money and power.  And how will she do this today?  Will she send more water and fire to nuclear power plants?  I’m so curious how she will move through us in the next month to rearrange our financial structures so they are more in alignment with our SOURCE?





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