July 4, 2011 – CELEBRATE INTERDEPENDENCE! Divine Nourishment!

VENUS trines NEPTUNE at 10:28 am pdt and DIVINE LOVE is possible.  Rain is also possible. We can feel rained-on by whatever we are needing to feel nourished. It is a time to drink in the nourishment that is showering us.

The moon still VOID so our small  historical and emotional self may be powerless to ground, while creativity forces, and our higher self, whisk us into a flow we didn’t expect and we are careening toward a MAGICAL DAY.

MERCURY trines URANUS at 5:47 pm pdt and we have the power to invent, manifest, hear, see, and feel whatever we’ve been longing for lately.  Communications are blessed this evening.

This day is called “Independence Day,” however i believe it is more accurately INTERDEPENDENCE DAY, as the Bioneers named it.    So HAPPY INTERDEPENDENCE DAY!!!  We Exist!  and We’re all here together at the same time!  Psst, If you don’t know what “Bioneers” are, you can find them at: www.bioneeers.org.

MOON shifts into VIRGO at 6:15 pm, opposing NEPTUNE in PISCES.  How do we “be in the flow,” and “take care of the practical details of life?” this is the question.  Can we do both?

MOON sextiles VENUS at 8:14 pm and we are touched by love and good food.

May beauty, love and good food nourish you in your Grand Cross of July!  Do you have a place of feeling crucified in your life?–if yes, you can celebrate your own journey of awakening.  Jesus was crucified before he awakened from the grave. So if you feel in any way, “on a cross,” you are.  It is being held in place by URANUS in Aries, SATURN in Libra, SUN in Cancer and PLUTO in Capricorn.



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