July 2, 2011- Little Shifts

this morning we rise with the Moon between Cancer and Leo. At 8:43, an awkward aspect between water planet NEPTUNE and communications planet MERCURY asks us to communicate with ourselves about where our river is flowing us next.

JUPITER in Taurus SEXTILES CHIRON in Pisces at 11:13 am, pdt. We have the potential of a little healing or spiritual awakening through food or touch.

MOON moves into Leo at 2:43 pm, pdt conjuncting Mercury at 4:55pm pdt. Creativity Communications aspect.

SUN in Cancer Squares SATURN in Libra for a work or partnership related SHIFT. In this aspect, we “turn a corner in our work expression

MOON TRINES URANUS late tonight for a late night of laughter, freedom or computer bliss!

MOON SQUARES JUPITER at round midnight. This is an aspect in which we can dream and pray about the whole world having enough food! There is enough for all on earth! Blessings for the nourishment of all beings!