July 1st, 2011 – New Moon Soul-er Eclipse.

I awoke this morning feeling like a new baby had been born, but i was not sure whose baby it was.  I wondered if it was the birth of the New World.  Who is the mother?  Are we all mothers of this new world?  What does it look like to Mother the New World.  How do we move the Clean Energy System we’ve all been dreaming of, OUT of the birth canal?

MOON ecilpsed SUN at 1:37 am and we took in a mythic death that will kill off all that we do not need to mother the new world into being.  At 1:54am pdt, A NEW MOON pointed us with New Life.  DNA is mutating, new children are coming in, and a new consciousness is descending.  It is a rich velvety field filled with miracles and full potential.  Nature wants to collaborate with us and we are ready to work more closely aligned with nature.  This cycle is about these things.  It begins today.  We peak at FULL MOON death/birth expression in two weeks at the FULL MOON on July 14.

MOON squared SATURN just before dawn, sending the moon into a between-the-worlds-feeling VOID between the eclipsed and birthing Cancer and the untouched new fixed fire of Leo’s strength to carry this New birthing Mother Consciousness.

MERCURY moves from birthing receptive Cancer, to expressive Leo tonight at 10:38 pm pdt.

Today is a rite of passage and deep ritual day.  It is a day to be in gratitude and communion with mothers and the Earth Mother’s intentions through us.  May your earth-mouth be ready to speak this month!