June 30, 2011 – Death Before the Eclipse

Apology: I missed an aspect In yesterday’s planetary aspects! There was an awkward 150 degree aspect between MARS and PLUTO in the middle of the day.  I didn’t see it and so didn’t mention it in my post for yesterday–and it is a potent little aspect related to money, power, action and masculine energy.  It is a karma point where miscommunication could be more likely than understanding because of the way planets have a hard time “seeing each other” or “understanding each other,” from 150 degrees.  So gentle on your own heart for the powerful energy of yesterday, as MARS and PLUTO will hang in this aspect for another day or two.  However you surfed and channeled this energy into your life, you can see how you are working this MARS/PLUTO edge–what is up for refining?

MOON moves into CANCER, the sign of the NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE at 9:13 am, pdt.

TODAY we die and like the ancient Egyptians, we can revel in our own DEATH RITE OF PASSAGE, because it is simply the moment before birth and not something one can pass on the circle of life. It is the DARK MOON, the day before the New Moon Eclipse.  Death is a mythic energy that is a transition from one state of being to another. It also speaks of the death of old ways of being. We die to everything inauthentic, anything not in alignment with the earth mother Gaia inside of us.  This coming NEW MOON SOLAR eclipse in CANCER is an acupuncture point of death, killing off all that is not in alignment with the MOTHER GAIA.  She is in charge.  She will send her rains and her fires where they are needed to communicate messages.  These rain and fire messages may happen all the way through July, as the Eclipse Lunar Cycle will be 28 days. These are times of INTENSE PURIFICATION.  It is good to honor these energies with prayers, fasting, silence, and purification in any form we choose.  We can also create power meetings and prayer circles in this energy.  We are co-creating a new world, while hospicing the death of the old world.

MOON eclipses VENUS at 12:33 am pdt in Gemini, then goes VOID of course. After the eclipsing of Venus, this waning dark moon trines NEPTUNE, water planet, water prayers are highly effective. around 10:33 am pdt.

MOON squares URANUS at 5:27 pm pdt sending shock waves of change and transition through our every cell.  This could be highly charged or chaotic energy, so its good to be prepared for deep inner peace around this time, to counteract the chaos!

MOON sextiles JUPITER at 6:11 pm pdt and we SOAR out of chaos and into the potential for personal revelatory moments this evening, as the energy becomes deep, dark, quiet and FULL OF THE MYSTERY of DARK MOON TIME.

MOON opposes PLUTO and we MUST DIE in our own way. This is the death before new life. Invoke what you choose to release and the more consciously we release the old, the less we need to suffer from being “blindsided.”

THE NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE TAKES PLACE LATE TONIGHT (Friday morning) at 1:54 am pdt.  It is helpful in this energy to connect strongly to Divine Feminine Mother energy.  The DIVINE MOTHER is ruled by Cancer, the sign of this eclipse and her energy is one of the highest manifestations of the intensity of this eclipse. We can surrender ourselves to HER and allow her to DEATH us by killing off all that is inferior to the Christ Consciousness moving through us, as she gives LIFE to new creative forms birthing through us!  We can let go and trust this process, meanwhile lifting our attention to states of gratitude, purification and receptivity–for our own protection.

May the source of life be with you!


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