June 26, 2011 – Sunday Summer Temple

MOON trines PLUTO at 2:22 am pdt, emphasizing the profound power of our earthly deaths, births and/or power of FEELING to manifest, in our dreamtime in the middle of the night.

SUN SQUARES URANUS at 3:13 am and says, MOVE!  CREATE! INVENT! and if it isn’t serving, destroy like a bolt of lightning!

PLUTO comes closest to EARTH just before dawn today.  BIG POWER is shining down through our crown in this day!  Today is a day to be aware we are vessels for this deep SOULful POWER. POWER ON!  Its good to stretch our energy system with intention today, even if one is tired or sleepy.  Afternoon Naps are good and excersize is gooood!!  Good to Play hard and Sleep Deeply!

We spend the day moving between a download of POWER and a DEEP HEALING of our CREATIVE FIRES.

Today is the prep and breathwork runup for tomorrow: SUN trines CHIRON on Monday morning STIRRING DEEP FIRES INTO HEALING. MARS kisses URANUS ACTIVATING us.  Monday night, SUN opposes PLUTO for a Radical Death/Birth Portal or a SHIFT or ACTIVATION of CREATIVE POWER!



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