June 25, 2011 – Earth & Water Paradise

MOON is still VOID from last night’s beauty aspect that sent us into a BEAUTY PORTAL between the worlds of Aries and Taurus.  The Beauty Portal was opened by the MOON sextiling VENUS, before the Moon went into the VOID of “between signs.”

The MOON is taking her time inching from the VOID into TAURUS at 1:53 pm pdt.  We are here to enjoy each other, the sun, and the nature kingdom of the sun and earth.  Our feet, our noses and our tongues are here to sense our way to divine sacred pleasure.

MOON sextiles NEPTUNE at 3:28 pm pdt and we’re floating in our RIVER again.  We are off on our adventure of life–Go with the FLow of Joy is this aspects request.

SUN sextiles JUPITER at 4:54 pm pdt.  What an ecstatic Water to Earth planting and growing of plants and dreams.

MOON conjuncts JUPITER in Taurus at 10:07 pm pdt.  Beauty, Sensuality, Touch, Taste, Smell.  Sixth Senses of Angelic Beauty.

SUN sextiles MOON tonight at 10:29 pm :Praise the Lord! and the Sacred Divine Feminine! Masculine and Feminine are in Harmony!

May your inner SUN and MOON marry your Highest Essence, so their offspring is your every word, touch and vision, more divine.

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