April 18, 2011 – Masculine Authority Work Day

This morning we rise with the MOON in ARIES, joining URANUS.   Things are Hot and Fiery, and they’re feeling the pressure of the CARDINAL GRAND CROSS!  We crossed the MOON QUARTER point at 4:25 am this pre-dawn into the DARK WANING QUARTER of the lunar cycle, unwinding, more deeply into the purification and release side of the cycle. We are letting go, in a way that honors the new unseen births coming.

MOON sextiled MARS pre-dawn and CONJUNCTS URANUS at 10:23 am, pdt.  We have enough fire to torch the old world and ignite the new one coming, to come faster, and that is the mood of the day.  Tempers are short and we’re impatient.  Deep down, we’d like to rest, take baths, take long naps or sleep late, or go to bed at 3pm under a tree.  It is important in the waning last quarter, over the next week to honor our inner desires for solitude, rest, and “releasing the old” time.

MOON squares PLUTO at 2:08 pm pdt.  OUR DEATH/REBIRTH PORTAL is teeming.  This is a corner of the GRAND CROSS, an accupuncture point of the Death/Birth portal.

MOON opposes SATURN late tonight at 10:41 pm pdt.  We can feel our limitations, our tiredness, our deep inner restructuring going on.  We are made of FORM and that FORM is CHANGING and we will need more rest and inner strength this week during our death/birth portal sundance in the stars.  Tonight or in the morning, tomorrow, muscles, joints and parts of self may feel tight.  This will pass, as we “nourish the alive” and “release the dying.”

Tomorrow/Friday morning, MOON squares MERCURY and we move through a communications tension or shift point. By the afternoon, MOON sextiles VENUS and goes VOID OF COURSE at 3:07 pm and we are off on our journey of the weekend, off the hook.

MOON conjunct URANUS in ARIES in the GRAND CROSS FORMATION: is here for NEW BEGINNINGs and a NEW WORLD, there’s no time or patience for the old world, and yet the Old World, SATURN, restructuring or crumbling, is our Foundation.   This is our work, flebrate and break through old pattern day,” as Tower-Like Mars breaks destabilizes old reliable SATURN, tossing all beings off of their towers, crashing down into our own deep inner work.  The deep soul work on our inner masculine is deep heart and humility work, along with addressing areas of discipline, comittment, relationship vs. solo for the masculine especially.  This is our inner masculine and outer.  So opposing Saturn, we are talking form today.  How do we meet form with action(masculine) and how do we form relationships (Saturn in Libra)?  what form is our relationship so we honor each other?

This evening MOON sextiles PLUTO at 11:13 am pdt.  These are deep feelings.  If we go deeply into the soul calling underneath the emotions, we will find secret powers hidden there.

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