April 4, 2011 – Meeting our Ocean

CELEBRATE LIFE !!!!!  YAY!!!!  It is SUMMER SOLSTICE MORNING of 2011!!  Lets dance the we’re all here jig!!!!!  We begin the FLOWERING season of SUMMER. Just before the Solstice, MOON SEXTILES PLUTO in the middle of the night, round 2:45 am pdt, easing us into our next transformation.

We rise with a MOON heading toward a TRINE with MERCURY at 10:08 am pdt. This is a water trine and a WONDERFUL moment to pray for balance anywhere there is FIRE or WAR.  We can send this water energy through our heart-filled prayers, to the fire in Northern New Mexico, in Tesuque, Pecos area, and we can send our prayers to the Middle East, anywhere there is unrest.  Prayers for Peace, Balance, the End of unecessary fires.  Rain to New Mexico!  Spiritual love rain to the Middle East!

This Summer Solstice moment of empowerment, is followed by a series of “rite of passage aspects” today.  The late morning features a MERCURY SQUARE SATURN at 11:42 am pdt. What the universe and us are communicating back and forth, is: “We are not simply here to goof off this summer, we are here to WORK at IMPROVING and UPGRADING our COMMUNICATIONS with others!  If we are ination.”  This is a time to evolve and master our spiritual beliefs so the banks of our river are strong for the times to come.

Neptune in Aquarius, AIR, has had many people smoking for the last 13 years.  They may gracefully feel to shift that at this time, as NEptune shifts from air to water, and some unconscious part of us that is all connected to each other and to source, is shifting from air to water.  Pisces asks us to surrender, pray, conspire with Divinity, and play with our essence in this world in a way that brings out the divine essence of others around us . . .

The day may feel a little watery, spacey, zoney, or flowey, or highly spiritual at its best.  The day will be whatever your version of a NEPTUNE experience may be.

This Neptunian experience can likely GROUND in us more easily with the EARTH MOON entering TAURUS at 4:46 pm.  Immediately this EARTH MOON sextiles NEPTUNE one minute into its Taurian sign.  GOOD High Frequency FOOD is good grounding.  By evening–we can ground our spacey spiritual high deep inner transition day!

Happy Floating down your own RIVER to your OCEAN today!  and May Good Food Ground you at the end of your day, like soothing inner alchemized water with fire, enjoyed in earth, by the BULL, our Taurus self, that loves food and beauty!

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