June 20, 2011 – Communications, Action, Ignite – inviting Soul

This morning we’re just peeking our heads through the MERCURY opposite PLUTO portal of yesterday–a transition.  This morning we rise on the fresh new side of this portal, shaking our hands and feet from the journey!

NOONTIME: MOON in Aquarius trines SUN in Gemini for a final geometric alignment of air elemental magic, at the last degree of Sun in Gemini. Masculine and Feminine are joined in geometric harmony.  Enjoy!

MOON squares MARS at 1:23 pm and we feel called to action!  Next step, next–rock it! Moon is VOID for 20 minutes as it shifts into Pisces-good time for a lunch break!

MOON conjuncts NEPTUNE at 3:25 pm, pdt–Water, water, water.  Neptune is in Pisces the wise sign of divine completions.  Its good to allow ourselves to be “moved by the river,” surrendering to go WITH the flow.

MARS transitions from earth Taurus to Air Gemini and action moves from the earth to our mind.  We have communications work and we’re entering a time when we’ll have a lot of “action energy” in the realm of communications, as well as checking in with brothers, sisters and old playmates!

MOON sextiles JUPITER at 8pm pdt and we’re off on a mystical adventure, inside or outside.  We can fly toward the center of the universe with our heart, toward love, toward dharma, toward our own revelational expansion tonight!  May you soar!

TOMORROW IS THE SUMMER SOLSTICE!   Sun enters the seasonal summer first degree of Cancer at 10:17 am tomorrow morning. Moon trine sun from PISCES makes it a sweet summer solstice evening. Today we prepare for our “souls to feel at home” and flourish inside our human vessel, which we’ve prepared for the sacred holy day of “soul-stice.’  Prepare for Soulove.

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