April 14, 2011 – Waxing Moon, Waxing Power

MOON is in the sign of AQUARIUS today, asking us to be futurists and humanitarians.  Because of a combination of aspects and the nature of having just crossed over the peak of the Lunar Eclipse in the midst of a THREE ECLIPSE TRANSFORMATIVE PORTAL, Today is a day to transform Fear into Humor.  We need to release and let go of attachments in this next two weeks.  Many things will be pulled from us as the moon wanes in an eclipse/death/rebirth portal.  It will be important to release old stuck aspects of self, with grace. What better way to let go, than to make fun of the self, in its attachments and laugh, as we are letting go of these old “funny” aspects of self.

MOON squares JUPITER this morning at 9:55 am pdt asking us where in our lives are we “a little too much” of something.  We all know what we have “too much” off.  This is a morning to notice and smile at the extremes and laugh at how far fetched we can become sometimes in one direction or another. Today we can notice where we have strayed from our core balance and laugh at ourselves as we gently aim toward center.

MOON sextiles URANUS at 12:54 pm pdt.  Humor is good medicine.

MERCURY squares URANUS at 1:11 pm and our communications, automobiles, telephones and computers are also going through changes.  Prayers for all the electronic equipment that upholds our lives, may it become more and more in alignment with the values of a sustainable earth. Humor and Genius are this aspects higher faces, shock and edginess are its downsides.  Handle Communications with Care and Humor.

Mayng out of the mists if we are listening.

Our freshly Neptunized Virgo MOON moves to TRINE PLUTO in CAPRICORN round NOON.  Waves lap against the shore of our consciousness, soulwater moves in us, intestines and guts speak of changes.  This month’s deep magic is only just beginning as we’ve barely crossed the threshold of the LIGHT side of this lunar cycle.  Its increasingly time to party in the light of humanity the next week as we pass through this FULL MOON on SUNDAY the 17th.

May this Full Moon lift you to your heights of illumination and invention!


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