June 16, 2011 – Post Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

In the middle of the night, the MOON makes contact with NEPTUNE, then JUPITER, then SQUARES URANUS a little after sunrise. We may awaken abruptly with this edgy Uranian square first thing!

MOON conjuncts PLUTO at 10:23 am pdt for another DEATH/REBIRTH in Capricorn.  We can rebirth our personal economic system.

MERCURY moves from GEMINI to CANCER at 12:09 pm pdt. Our thoughts will become more compassionate by the moment as our mind goes into the sign of the mother.

MOON squares SATURN at 5:24 pm pdt for a moment of tension.  This is a challenge to overcome a limitation.

MERCURY, fresh into a water sign, now TRINES the WATER PLANET NEPTUNE.  Our mind is going scuba-diving into our deep inner beauty.  This evening is for tears, prayers, rain and singing blessings.  Water Blessings!

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