April 7 – emotional square morning – power through in afternoon

In alignment with eclipse energy, where things get “eclipsed,” almost as a rythmic pattern of little deaths, I accidentally saved this as a draft, instead of it “publish” when i wrote it this morning around sunrise.  So the update was “eclipsed,” until now.  (just after the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 1:13 pm. The eclipse is at 1:13 and the FULL MOON is one minute later at 1:14.  Today is a day to celebrate a cathartic shift point in time. We are amidst a death and rebirth in ourselves and our world. This eclipse ushers in LIFE and DEATH. We are undertakers and midwives. We are in sacred time.

It’s important to take time out for meditation today, sitting with this solar/lunar internal alchemy.

MOON OPPOSES MERCURY, who is flying near especially if there is any tension–great use of mercury retrograde–to be extra mindful of every word before having it fall out the mouth.  Moon in Gemini can align with angels and Uranus connects us to the invisible world.  Magic is alive and in the air, crackling. . . . and tempers are easily triggered.  Humor is at our finger tips with more uranus.  more change.  rapid change.

MOON sextiles MARS at 12:56 pm pst and its activation time – its a good day to dance, climb a big hiking trail and take action in the direction of our dreams, in spite of foggy emotions or shocks in the heart.

With a lot of Uranian energy, community is the best medicine.  deep friendships rise when we need support.  Uranian love is the love of old friends, while mercury retrogrades.

May the love of old friends nourish you today in rocky times.



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