June 14, 2011 – Day before a Full MOON Lunar Eclipse

This morning we rise with the MOON in SAGITTARIUS, the sign it will be eclipsed in tomorrow.  This MOON TRINED URANUS in the middle of the night, revealing an energy of “breakthrough and change.”

MOON opposes VENUS pre-dawn for some love tension to overcome.

MOON sextiles SATURN at 1:18 pm pdt and we have the opportunity to ground and root ourselves into our work.

VENUS inconjuncts PLUTO at 4:10 pm pdt and we are moving through a Death and Rebirth in the area of Love, Money and Creativity that could feel slightly difficult to see.  We can see there is transformation needed and long for this transformation but exactly how it will occur is a mystery.  We can feel all of this mystery today.

Tomorrow is a TOTAL FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE.  This is an aspect of DEATH and REBIRTH of our inner feminine. Something is dying and something is being born.  May we all give each other love and support in these days as everyone is going through this transition.   Blessed be!

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