June 13, 2011 – Life Path Shake Up

The morning begins with a fiery tension aspect with MOON in SCORPIO opposite MARS in TAURUS.  We are working with money and power issues, balancing them out this morning.  The exact opposition is at 10:43 am pdt, when the moon goes VOID, until entering Sagittariusat 7:38 pm.

We are still integrating the full explosion expansion of so many experiences we had yesterday, related to an infusion of New Magic, and a SHIFT in the external form of our life as VENUS sextiled URANUS and SATURN changed direction, now moving FORWARD, after five months of retrograde motion.  While retrograde, Saturn asked us to go back and review our way of doing work, partnership, and relationships of all kinds.  Now that Saturn is moving forward, we can move forward into our next step.

VENUS SQUARES CHIRON in the evening at 7:11 pm pdt. Our inner feminine love, food and beauty side is squaring the wound.  We are cooking in a healing soup.

We are also in the midst of the biggest solar flares and solar ray penetration we’ve ever had. Our bodies are not used to these levels of energy, so our energy systems are expanding!  Our bodies are going through a lot with the combination of aspects today, increased energy, relationship and life changes, cause our hearts to feel deeply.  THis deep feeling is soul-deep and carries rivers of magic for healing old feminine wounds.

MOON squares NEPTUNE at 9:09 pm. This square invites us to allow ourselves to feel the discomfort or exhaustion of transitions and support deep rest.  We are all moving inside.  and adjusting to each other’s movements.

We are within the 3 day window of the TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE on Wednesday June 15.   This means handle this time with care and extra attention!

May the source be with yoU!

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