April 3, 2011 – Happy POWER BIRTH New Moon!

This morning we rise having been through a lot of powerful contacts in the night.  MOON in early SCORPIO sextiles PLUTO in Capricorn at 4:31 am pdt and we feel the archetype of DEATH pulling on us, in that way that makes us desire to jump more deeply INTO LIFE.

This is a POWERFUL SHIFT DAY!  All day we move toward a series of power events in the cosmos!

SUN conjuncts MERCURY at 4:44 pm pdt. This brilliant contact between HEART LIGHT and COMMUNICATIONS BRILLIANCE lights up our evening!

VENUS sextiles URANUS at 7:35 pm and Love and/or Creativity can FLY! We are genius, inventive, in love with LIFE and ready for change!

SATURN changes direction at 8:51 pm.  going DIRECT after being retrograde since January 25.  This alchemical shift happens in Libra, of partnerships and social fabric.  Our infourselves with JUPITER, our GUARDIAN ANGEL, who expands our wisdom and intuition, grace and abundance.  We’ll need all that grace on this day!

At 1:52 pm, pst, MARS CONJUNCTS URANUS!  This is an explosive and volatile POWERFUL aspect that when misused can literally cause bad explosions, and when it is harnessed by the divine universe through us, it is incredibly sycronized births, where the invisible divine universe is birthing through us, as the form, through which it births!  We are gifted and graced by this BIRTHING and NEW LIFE POWER through us. This is also the energy of BREAKTHROUGH and CHANGE.  We can harness this power by choosing “once and for all,” to end behaviors, foods, patterns, thoughts, and/or jobs that do not feed our right relationship with the world.  Today is a day to ALIGN with the DIVINE!  This aspect has the power, if we intend it, to align our PERSONAL WILL WITH DIVINE CHRIST-CONSCIOUSNESS (or 5th dimensional unconditional love consciousness).  As our personal will aligns with higher consciousness, we may find ourselves spontaneously ACTING from this new will.  This is GOOD!  (and it may feel shocking at first)!

If your stomach and/or intestines feel funny today, it is TIME FOR A PARASITE CLEANSE, as it could be a power birth for unwanted things as well!  ITs good to eat a clean diet and ask ourselves to upgrade our diet for spring cleaning, beginning today if we have not already started the cleansing of our bodies!  We need to kill off the parasites as we nourish the good bacteria in our own inner ecosystem.  We can do this psychicly too, by only entertaining things we want to create, with our attention.

The SUN is opposite SATURN by 5pm pst.  This is a good time to GET SERIOUS about something!  It is good to respect our SUN SATURN relationship by honoring our health today through better food than usual and more excersize than usual.  Today we can plan our spring cleaning diet.  A Sun Saturn conjunction, like we have this evening, can make a wonderful tired after a long day of working on our dream.

To the magical manifestation of your dreams




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