June 11, 2011 – Relationship Dance and The River

in the middle of the night, shiva and shakti met, dancing on behalf of the whole cosmos. (moon trines sun at 1:04 am) this is a gathering tribe aspect. After this last aspect of Moon in Libra, MOON IS VOID, as we rise in the morning. It is heading for SCORPIO all day until entering SCORPIO at 5:33 pm, pdt.

All day we dance toward a MOON TRINE NEPTUNE at 7:04 pm, pdt. The mother divine in us is activated. We are called to jump into the RIVER, wherever the river is taking us, though we cannot see where the river is going–we can only FEEL it’s direction, we are called into our own river. We can work with prayer power in this evening. May I be a vehicle for world healing. May we deeply bless the waters of the earth. May we protect and rejuvenate springs, creeks, rivers and watersheds. the waters of the earth.

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