June 5, 2011 – Healing the “separated mind”

MERCURY squares CHIRON this morning just before dawn and the bells of an old bell tower ring inside our heads, calling us to heal our minds. We may need to replace the bell at the top of our tower with an open sky. Automobiles, feet, phones and other mercurial tools all need care to stay on track with us this week. Chiron is preparing to retrograde asking us to continue deep healing work we may  have started before, but not finished.

MOON moves into LEO fixed fires to stoke our creativity and give us extra “shine.”  Although things appear to be falling down and changing all around us, we are here to LOVE each other!

MOON SQUARES JUPITER at 8:26 am pdt Can we expand our personal “safety boundaries” to include space for others and our own joy?
MOON TRINES URANUS at 3:20 pm- this is the mental breakthrough moment of the day.  We can expand beyond the limited mind we’ve been holding onto from the past.  We can become more “touched by divinity” today.

MERCURY inconjuncts PLUTO this evening at 7:43 pm pdt.  This is an awkward and powerful evening.  Our communications part is touching a never before seen power.  Our words are more powerful than we imagined.  Remember to focus on what you truly desire and see if your mind and words align.

MOON sextiles MERCURY at 8:04 pm giving us creativity and poetry or even romance this night, as a reward for a day of mental gymnastics.  May your inner back flips spiral your mind open from some of its previous limited pathways.

Today is a day to expand our mind!

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