June 4, 2011 – Grounding 2011 Creativity

this morning our friendly neighborhood cosmic EXPANDER, JUPITER, LANDS in TAURUS, after speeding through SPRING-Fire-Fed ARIES since mid January. Deep Exhale. It’s time to smell the flowers while on the GROUND, and step-by-step our solid DREAMS. Jupiter crossed the threshold of TAURUS at 6:56 am, pdt.

MOON sextiled MARS CANCER to PISCES at 10:48 am, pdt. we have action arising from within. A day of “right action,” on a soul level. We are STILL INSIDE OF A DEEP CHANGE ECLIPSE FIELD! (for June & July). Gratitude and flexibility provide refuge during intense changes.

MERCURY SEXTILES URANUS at 12:57 pm, pdt this is an aspect of GENIUS. Everyone has their own personal “genie-ius.”. What is your creativity asking you to do to serve it?

MOON sextiles VENUS at 10:33 pm pdt. This is the creativity magical cauldron day of the century! Inner masculine and inner feminine do a dance today with our personal receptive nature, The MOON, while genius makes love with our mind and all our real ideas from the last 5 months are given GROUND. the universe makes love with humanity tonight, asking us to mother new inventions.

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