June 2, 2011- Communications Washing

Planet MERCURY moved from Taurus to GEMINI today, coming into an immediate SQUARE with NEPTUNE in PISCES.  Today we are washing our communications part, which is up for cleaning.  The exact square is late tonight around midnight, soon after which, NEPTUNE goes RETROGRADE!

NEPTUNE will RETROGRADE until November 9th.  This retrograde motion will have the effect of “pulling back the water,” that has been showering all over the earth.  It will get dryer now.  This retrograde will call our attention “back” to places that we were called before.  Our deep inner mystical waters call us into retreats.  Our body’s fluid systems call us into cleansing.  Our old writing projects, returning spiritual practices and sense of “going with the flow,” are swirling us into places that we need to revisit for one reason for another.

During these next months of retrograde motion, NEPTUNE asks us to pay extra attention to the WATER.  Its a time for cleaning our blood and our inner and outer fluid-based systems.  Deep Cleansing Blessings!

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