August 4, 2011 – Angels Trumpets’

Today is a poignant day for communications.  The DARK MOON conjuncts MERCURY at 8:37 am pdt, then goes Void of Course.  There may be communications about death, changes, or truths that need to be spoken that are about things that don’t work.

We are in the last day of a lunar cycle before a NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE.  MOON is between Taurus and Gemini all day, until moving into GEMINI at 4:56 pm pdt.  An hour later, this waning DARK MOON fresh into GEMINI SQUARES NEPTUNE in PISCES.  This is deeply watery and could feel confusing, or uncomfortable–its a low point emotionally.  We might even feel depressed!  This could be one of the least comfortable days/nights in the year.  So if you are still here, reading this, CELEBRATE!  Even if it doesn’t feel so comfortable, we’ve made it this far and its something to be grateful for and to celebrate, because we (humanity) are in the midst of quite a “rite of passage,” in these next few years and we’re “all in this together

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