May 30, 2011 – Relationship Sorting

MOON in sensual, food sharing Taurus will conjunct both MARS (inner masculine) and VENUS (inner feminine) throughout the course of the day!  In the morning, at 10:43 am, MOON conjuncts MARS and we dance our masculine self into more understanding.

By the evening, at 6:23 pm, pdt, we are dancing our personal moon with our personal VENUS and we go to the bottom of our roots of love or creativity, or money (or all of the above).  We can get to the bottom of our current situation, if we follow our feelings!!

This sensual moon, WANING toward a SOLAR ECLIPSE, is releasing and letting go of old outdated sensual practices. We are preparing our vessels for New Sensual Practices that are healthier and more whole!  We are also preparing to meet little deaths that bring us into more humilty and truth.


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