May 30, 2011 – Relationship Sorting

MOON in sensual, food sharing Taurus will conjunct both MARS (inner masculine) and VENUS (inner feminine) throughout the course of the day!  In the morning, at 10:43 am, MOON conjuncts MARS and we dance our masculine self into more understanding.

By the evening, at 6:23 pm, pdt, we are dancing our personal moon with our personal VENUS and we go to the bottom of our roots of love or creativity, or money (or all of the above).  We can get to the bottom of our current situation, if we follow our feelings!!

This sensual moon, WANING toward a SOLAR ECLIPSE, is releasing and letting go of old outdated sensual practices. We are preparing our vessels for New Sensual Practices that are healthier and more whole!  We are also preparing to meet little deaths that bring us into more humilty and truth.


Mar. 5, 2011 – New Magic Begins

We rise this morning after a Fiery and expansive night.  The MOON is freshly into Taurus this morning, grounding us.  This grounding MOON is in its last few days of releasing and letting go energy.

MOON sextiles NEPTUNE at 7:52 am pdt, watering our earth selves, rinsing away our tears.  We can sing today for the whole earth.  We can water our prayers with extra heart juices that will uphold humanity on earth at a time when we all hang in the balance between heaven and hell, collectively chosen.  What will we create?

MOON moves toward a trine with PLUTO in Capricorn this evening at 7:46 pm pdt.  Our personal self is grounding down with the cosmic dirt and soul.  As the day progresses we go deep down into the waning dark moon.  Our toes are digging in the dirt of our shadows, reminding us that it takes the darkness, the sadness, and all the wounded places to make us more whole.  We can accept and hold space for our grief, tears, depression and contraction, knowing it is the season of the dark moon–this too will pass, and for now, is part of the alchemy of being alive.  There is a time for darkness and that time is now.  Enjoy your “down time.”

We are within three days of a NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE.  The waning end of cycle energy is very unstable and potentially volatile.  Many things will be “eclipsed.” Its good to let go and be grateful we didn’t lose even more.  If something falls down or falls away, we know it is being pulled away by this super cosmic purification energy, killing off unneeded egoic attachments, ungrounded assumptions and impurely motivated projects.  This is not a good time to sign contracts or initiate important things, esilled with MAGIC!  Our personal feeling MOON conjuncts MERCURY, “The Magician,” and/or “the communicator.”  Mercury is touching into the orb of its visit with Uranus, field of invisible world potential.  This powerful conjunction for magical manifestation happens on Wednesday.  We are entering a field of possibility that is profoundly fertile.  Dream, Think, Speak, only that which we choose to manifest.  This is a time to be impeccable with intention, thought and word, for the UNIVERSE is LISTENING with fertility and full receptivity.

MOON conjuncts URANUS at 8:34 pm, new beginnings sometimes happen like a star trek phaser–all the sudden, there they are–new seeds!  The invisible world is whispering in our ears tonight.  Uranus at the last degree of the zodiac is preparing to leap into the next wave of human spiritual unfoldment.  We likely will not need the old religions anymore.  Uranus about to cross into Aries calls humanity into a NEW SPIRITUAL PATH, a higher spiral on our wheel up.  Here we can create new spiritual forms that will carry us into our future.

The ancestors, our spirit guides and our own thoughts are up for lightning striking revelatory experiences this evening and this week, as Moon, Mercury and Uranus alchemize together in us through the lunar cycle.  In the middle of the cycle, Uranus will make its Pisces to Aries Spiritual Shift.

TONIGHT, The MOON will cross into ARIES at 9:14 pm, taking the same journey that Uranus will take on March 11th.  Tonight we may have a taste of the “magic that is afoot,” as we step into one of the more (invisible-world-communications-exalted) lunar creation cycles of our year!”

URANUS INTO ARIES: March 11, 2011 Uranus crosses our geometric life-giving point of beginning, our dawn, sunrise point.   We can celebrate the end of the last 170 years of human spiritual evolution and relationship with “invisible forces.”  On March 11th, Humanity has a new beginning, in how it relates to its “invisible fabric of life, that upholds us.”  How would we like to relate to the Divine in this next 170 year spiritual revolution? We could become highly telepathic.  We could all the sudden, “know things.”  We may develop skills connected to telepathic senses that we didn’t have before. There is a new energy coming, how will we focus it?

“If lightning is going to strike, where in our lives would we like it to strike?”–(paraphrased)Caroline Casey, from “Making the GOds Work For YOu.”  (best astrology book–highly recommend!)