May 29, 2011 – Watering Earth Prayers

We rise this morning after a Fiery and expansive night.  The MOON is freshly into Taurus this morning, grounding us.  This grounding MOON is in its last few days of releasing and letting go energy.

MOON sextiles NEPTUNE at 7:52 am pdt, watering our earth selves, rinsing away our tears.  We can sing today for the whole earth.  We can water our prayers with extra heart juices that will uphold humanity on earth at a time when we all hang in the balance between heaven and hell, collectively chosen.  What will we create?

MOON moves toward a trine with PLUTO in Capricorn this evening at 7:46 pm pdt.  Our personal self is grounding down with the cosmic dirt and soul.  As the day progresses we go deep down into the waning dark moon.  Our toes are digging in the dirt of our shadows, reminding us that it takes the darkness, the sadness, and all the wounded places to make us more whole.  We can accept and hold space for our grief, tears, depression and contraction, knowing it is the season of the dark moon–this too will pass, and for now, is part of the alchemy of being alive.  There is a time for darkness and that time is now.  Enjoy your “down time.”

We are within three days of a NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE.  The waning end of cycle energy is very unstable and potentially volatile.  Many things will be “eclipsed.” Its good to let go and be grateful we didn’t lose even more.  If something falls down or falls away, we know it is being pulled away by this super cosmic purification energy, killing off unneeded egoic attachments, ungrounded assumptions and impurely motivated projects.  This is not a good time to sign contracts or initiate important things, especially these three days before and ten days after the Solar Eclipse.  The whole months of June and July are inside of an eclipse field and volatile unstable times–not great for planning or new initiations.

Each of us will have an “eclipse piece of work.”  We may already know what it is.  It could be a healing or spiritual crisis, or some kind of a loss that sends us into a piece of inner work.  We will know what our “eclipse work” is in the next few days, if we don’t already know what it is!  The energy of an eclipse field can be harsh or intense feeling if we are not prepared, not paying attention or not in our power.  These are jedi days to spend each morning centering into full attention and full preparation for the day ahead.  Prayers for the world and all fault lines.

Mar 4, 2011 HAPPY NEW MOON in PISCES! Dolphin cycle!

We rise this morning after a Fiery and expansive night.  The next limitation–look for the portal.

This act of looking at the sky for reference and center, a shift of orientation from earth to sky is a piscean maneuver.  We are bungee jumping, we are diving off the mast of a giant ship into an ocean filled with . . . what is YOUR ocean filled with?  Dolphins?  Whales?  These spiritual transmitters are swimming through Pisces, ready to connect, depending on what frequency WE CHOOSE for our PISCEAN NEW CYCLE  OF SPRING JUMP OFF into the NEXT WAVE of ENERGY, incoming with ELEMENTAL POWER like AVATAR.  We can create, in this New Moon, New Cycle in Pisces, ANYTHING we can imagine.  IMAGINING it is key. Imagination is a delicate, valuable, precious resource, protected by time, nature and silence.  In Pisces we can join the imaginatrain of creation and dream up our spring and summer.  What we can Dream, we can Do and this is the cycle for Dreaming.

NEW MOON is a little after NOON 12:46 pacific time.  13 degrees Pisces.  13 is a number sacred to the divine feminine, the secret mysteries of the Goddess and the real story of the hidden 13th sign.  May the magic you unlock in this new cycle carry your soul home.

DEEP BREATHE . . . READY FOR TAKE OFF.  Looking ahead, we have some fiery, creative, fast-moving energy.  Its a good time to prepare to be ‘ready for anything.”  This means getting wet, joining others, building a new world in a team in some way. Tomorrow/Saturday, MOON will conjunct Uranus and Mercury, hinting at the power of the Uranus/Mercury conjunction to come later in the month.  We are magicians this month, every thought manifests.

URANUS is at last degree of the Zodiac, completing the old ways of “seeing and relating to the invisible world.”  Old Religions, old perceptual frames, old visions of spirit rooted in old dogma–all these things are falling away at this last degree.  Old ideas about Spirit and ourselves, falling.  In this deep lunar cycle deep breath moment, we also can prepare for URANUS in ARIES, NEW BEGINNING, next level of divine contact.

Uranus moves to Aries on March 11.  Our ancestors, our Light Brothers and Angelic Supporters in the “invisible,” are ready for us to lift more veils and reach more deeply to seee what has been invisible.  This new Uranus journey will bring intuition like lightning, Pretence-Busting like a laser, and a general spiritual awakening season for all.  Together, with others, this wave of power, this month, with Uranus conjunct Mercury, and Mars square Pluto, our soulfilled action potential, fueled by Uranus in a sign of leadership, passion and innocent child-heart can dream and build a new world. Uranus enters Aries, joining Jupiter, expanding our capacity to see and feel invisible energies.  We literally spiral up to a next level of consciousness when it comes to our relationship with the invisible world.  We’ve gone a whole wheel of Uranus around the zodiac.  Its at its last degree of this old wheel of consciousness we are completing and we’re stepping into new partnership with our new way of interacting with the spirit world and the divine.  As Uranus begins the wheel again, in Aries, we upgrade, graduate, refine, understand, download divinity in a new way.  We’re ready for a new vehicle for our next journey around the wheel with our spirit world.  The new vehicle is on its way.