May 28, 2011 – Little Death

This morning SUN is 150 degrees from PLUTO.  This aspect is awkward, and yet is a “little death,” in us, that like Jesus, is susceptable to resurrection.  As PLUTO, planet of DEATH and POWER, contacts our SUN, (life-force /masculine creative expressive part), we receive a “little death,” which will ultimately be empowering, even if now it is uncomfortable.

PLUTO gives us something unseen, or unexpected, to take us on a deep inner soul’s meeting.  Things that scare us, Pain, Death, Orgasm, Loss, a dream coming true, Communion, Grace, open us to our soul, more than on an average day.  May your soul’s journey today be rich and blessed.

We sink deeper and darker into the very last days of this lunar cycle.

MOON is in Aries all day, on its way to conjunct Jupiter late tonight at 3:28 am pdt, at the end of Aries.  There is a lot of FIRE rising, as Aries Moon moves toward expansive Jupiter.  We are in an eclipse field.  A time to handle with care, we are in highly unstable energy in last days of the cycle for completion and contraction. The next few days, in the dark moon, (before the NEw MOon on June 1st) are good days to stay home, rest and do inner work.  These are days to be “listening to intuition, soul’s callings,” and deeper truths.

We are each other’s “light in the dark” end of the lunar cycle, until June 1st between 3-4 pm.  May the source be with you!


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