May 27, 2011 – Self Relationship Adjustment

MOON conjuncted URANUS in Aries in the middle of the night, reminding us that we are in the middle of a self-transformation.  SUN and MOON are in friendly Air and Fire, fueling each other in a harmonious dialogue, in spite of the deep changes going on internally.

MOON squared PLUTO early in the morning, whispering, “transform!”  “transform!”

MOON opposes SATURN at 3:10 pm pdt and we pull our energy inside for re-alignment with our internal clock, internal relationship with spirit and internal discipline system. The only structure and relationship we can fully count on today is the relationship with self.  Our inner self is changing and so relationships are changing to accomodate these inner changes.

The SUN is headed for a slightly uncomfortable and yet transformative aspect with PLUTO tomorrow.  We’re being changed.