May 26, 2011 – Deep Healing Creativity Activation

Moon went void yesterday morning and is VOID all day in PISCES, pre-ARIES.  It is an emotional transition day, a day with the potential for crisis and healing.  Our inner SUN, masculine, creative part, father-soul SQUARES CHIRON (places in need of healing), at 5:19 pm pdt, asking us to dig deeply inside and do the inner work we need to do at this time, to overcome what limits our creative expression and right relationship with the masculine.    This SUN-CHIRON aspect may ROCK our SEXUALITY, our CREATIVITY, our BELOVED and our WORLD and it will reveal our healing work.

MOON moves into ARIES at 5:36 pm, grounding from the between the worlds portal, asking us to come into our own core and center in a new way on the other side of this Deep Healing Activation Portal.

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