May 25, 2011 – Masculine Authority Adjustment Mystery

Our dreams were filled with Masculine/Feminine beauty as the MOON in sweet Pisces sextiled VENUS and MARS in Taurus throughout the night.

MARS inconjunct SATURN is an adjustment in our masculine authority and realm of responsibility.  Tomorrow is an action day, at least until 11:15 am pdt, when the MOON sextiles MERCURY then goes VOID for the rest of the day.

We may have a plan for the day, or two, and once the moon goes VOID, we may be ushered in one direction or another by a messenger (mercury)–worldly things may be slippery the rest of the day.  Its good to go with our deepest truth, best not to go shopping with a moon void of course.  a good day to return things that need to be returned.  Otherworldly things, Spiritual practice, deep spiritual communications are natural in Moon void periods.  Enjoy the shifting energy, as the MOON is VOID all day tomorrow, thursday.  Moon goes into Aries initiating another level of grounded creativity at 5:36 pm on Thursday evening.  Between 11:15 am today and 5:36 pm pdt, thursday, we’re in a MOON VOID mysterious portal transition time.  Thursday night we come through, to a new place.