May 24, 2011 – Acceptance & Creativity

We rise with a watery PISCES MOON after an airy fiery night!  The Pisces MOON CONJUNCTS NEPTUNE at 7:11 am pdt and we’re on a boat floating through an ocean landscape of life.  Our boat has needs revealed by a VENUS inconjunct SATURN–an aspect that can be awkward or uncomfortable and yet is an important part of growing our art, money, beauty and venusian expressions.  Today is a day to tend to all of the unmet needs of our personal boat.

SUN SQUARES MOON at 11:52 am pdt.  We step down into the DARK and WANING last quarter of the lunar cycle.  This is the lowest energy quarter of the lunar cycle.  We are now tying loose ends and completing things, along with deep healing and cleansing of our bodies, for the rest of the week, through the New Moon on June 1st.

MOON sextiles PLUTO at 7:20 pm pdt.  SUN sextiles URANUS at 11:47 pm pdt  The Greater collective Mother/Father archetypes are being transformed.  Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine are changing inside of us.  We are being changed in our SUN (expression) and our MOON (emotions) by larger forces (Pluto-Soul and Uranus-Invisible Ancestors).  We’re transforming gently through time and tonight is a little more radical and cathartic in its change-factor, than your average night.  Dive into the shamanic vessel of the night!  May you arise in the morning, not a dead caterpillar anymore, but a new butterfly, in a newly forming world that we create.

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