May 23, 2011 – Masculine Feminine Truth

Last night at 1:27 am MARS, archetypal masculine & VENUS, archetypal feminine CONJUNCTED (came together.)  We are seeing what our personal inner dynamic is of masculine and feminine archetypes.  We can see where there is harmony and where there is not, and we can see what is vs. what we long for.

Our art and our action meets and we’re inspired to do our real life’s work, joining our masculine side and feminine side into one harmonious functioning whole.

The truest deepest expression of this mars and venus together is a healthy whole inner masculine and inner feminine.  Today is a day of rebalancing, re-seeing our truth and alchemizing our inner sacred union.

There are no other aspects today.  Late tonight after midnight, MOON in communal Aquarius sextiles JUPITER, the expander, showing that all day long we expand our emotions and inspiration, building into something beautiful in the night.

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