May 22, 2011 – Day after Rapture

How was your rapture?  We sometimes wake up feeling funny.  Maybe SOMETHING HAPPENED?  That is a MOON SQUARE NEPTUNE kind of feeling.  Some big emotional wave just moved through and “what was that?”  This is not your ordinary Kansas in the Heart, we’re in whole new territory, toto!  Our emotional hearts may feel weird just after midnight, or upon rising if we were sleeping.

MOON sextiles URANUS at 2:22 am and we can see above some piece of old karma if we’d like.  We’re given some kind of wings to rise above emotional territory.  This is a “genius” moment.  Ideas upon rising, just might be worth checking out, once the Neptunian soup of the square is sifted out, there may be some genius seed we’re left with as we come into our morning today.

MOON SQUARES VENUS at 11:12 am, pdt and this is a good time for prayers for harmony between women, mothers and daughters, sisters, and women with other women everywhere.

MOON SQUARES MARS at 11:46 am pdt.  Can you feel how close together Mars and Venus are walking?  The square to venus and to mars is within the same hour just before noon.  This tension is for balancing our bodies with our cosmic minds.  There may be some balancing act to do with these two parts.  The computer generated wiszrdry versus the stand on the earth step by step reality.

Mars and Venus are going to be at the same degree of our time/space wheel, from our perspective on Monday at 1:25 am pdt. Archetypal Masculine and Feminine will be together in Taurus–our earth sign of values, deep grounding, sensuality and allowing our bodies to lead us into real authentic earthly right-relationship.

Our bodies love.  However and whatever they love in this world is a gift to receive.  It is the season for this fulfillment.  This is a season of body work & overflowing cups of our favorite elixirs in emerald gardens.  We can bring heaven to earth, especially in the season of Taurus!

We may sense this heaven on earth potential, and yet MOON squares MERCURY at 2:53 pm pdt.  Talking with others is truly on a simple level, an exchange of energy.  With this square, we can work the realm of communication by seeing under words and stories, to “what is the deeper movement and exchange of energy going on here?”  Mental Emotional tension that used wisely is good inner work.  Compassion for communications barriers is key.

air MOON trine air SATURN at 4:01 pm  pdt.  We can eat for grounding, while grounding our creative ideas this evening.  Nourishment and work go hand in hand!

MERCURY is meanwhile INCONJUNCT SATURN at 11:30 pm, so our words and thoughts may or may not jive with our external Saturnian world.  Its a nice time for silence rather than speaking, for speaking may be awkward today!!  This is a good aspect under which to purify our words and mind.


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