May 21 – Grounding Love and Masculine Solar Light

In the Middle of the Night–in our dreams, the SUN moved into GEMINI at 2:21 am pdt, from TAURUS in the western, seasonal zodiac.  The masculine aura lightens and the archetypal Bull inside us, lets go into the two-fold Geminian light hearted child-like brother-sisterhood.

We can take a DEEP BREATH and allow Relationship with our creative masculine to be a little, “lighter.”

VENUS (feminine Love, Money and affection)  TRINES PLUTO at 11:04 am pdt.  After our good deep (MARS/PLUTO) work of the last few days, it is time to dive into something deep and beautiful this midday.  Pluto can fill with shadow if we’re not creating well, however truly this can be deeply soulfully beautiful.

MOON SQUARES JUPITER and we’re FILLED to overflowing with an emotion.  expand heart, says jupiter to the moon.  heart vessel can expand to FEEL MORE and MORE and more of others and of ourselves.  MOON goes VOID of COURSE in this aspect at 2:04 pm pdt.  The rest of the day is dreamlike and soulful, not for details.

Our vehicles are sailing toward a Masculine Feminine encounter this evening.  We can witness or honor an emerging beauty of a masculine feminine creative dance. SUN MOON TRINE=beautiful dance! at 8:55 pm, pdt. This is an AIR SIGN TRINE!  fly!

MOON enters air Aquarius at 7:30 pm lightening our spirits even more, into humor and genius, and high states of ecstasy if we would like.

INSIDE, this dance is harmony with our worklife, our abundance, our art, our true expression and our sister/brotherhood with our community and the world.

OUTSIDE: we are in a beautiful dance of masculine – feminine beloved or sacred union.  This dance is approaching moments of intensity that we all long for.  MARS and VENUS will conjunct on May 23rd–late night on the 22nd.  This is an aspect of SACRED UNION between masculine and feminine.

We are clearing out the vessel, preparing ourselves inside for this alchemical sacred union of masculine and feminine.

This true union is a kind of death.  The death of ego in this way, done gracefully can be like ascending out of ego in bliss emanating from union.  When these two archetypes come together pure feminine and pure masculine, we can each see our mythic “story of these two in us.”  The world is our mirror-oyster.

May masculine and feminine birth harmony together to balance our earth-human relationship.

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