May 20, 2011 – Dead Caterpillar Day

Here is the recipe in the planetary map to give us this death/rebirth cosmic soup: (pre-dawn) 12 am MOON TRINE MERCURY: enhanced communications, 1:12 am: MOON TRINE MARS: inner mother to inner masculine (could be: Mary to Christ pre-cruxi-fiction), 1:46 am MOON conjunct PLUTO: death of the past (moon).  We know what is past.  Can we let go, can we die to the old?

We rise with a MOON SQUARE SATURN at 8:33 am, pdt.  More completion of the past. This may be uncomfortable.  Its good to push through resistance and complete what we need to complete.  The more complete we are with the past, the more we can allow ourselves to transform into a future new form.

THE BIG DEATH & TRANSFORMATION aspect of the day is: MARS TRINE PLUTO  at 11:22 am pdt: Inner Masculine(Mars) holding hands(trine) with (Pluto) DEATH, with the potential for surrendering gracefully.  The ego can release itself to a passionately growing enlivening HEART, if we call for it and then allow it.

Blessings on all collective wars and acts of violence.  May they all be transformed in a blazing heart of light, emanating out of every human heart, transforming all acts of violence or war on earth.  Our heart beat pulses to the North Star–how cool is that!  The Taoists have measured this phenomenon and know it as truth.

MERCURY TRINE PLUTO : 2:54 pm pdt: Communications that support death of the old and transformation.  like: Communications of tomorrow’s Rapture and Judgement Day!

MERCURY CONJUNCT MARS 6:19 pm pdt : MASCULINE POWER in COMMUNICATIONS.  This evening contains a powerful force to be harnessed!  Our communications are charged with Fire or Passion, or Action.  Intentions shared in this evening, rituals performed, and writings charged with light can light up this world.  We must also watch our anger and fiery words or rash decisions.  Silence is best tonight, utilizing this energy for our own personal word-mystery-school work!

The old world inside of us is dying.  Our caterpillars are sliming down into their places of compost.  We are shedding this caterpillar skin and what are we now?  Not too comfortable?  That is a good sign!  It means we are in transition, old world melting, new world . . . ?  If this is how we feel, we’re in sync with the cosmic plan for our death.  Tomorrow, on May 21st, many Christians say we will be “raptured.”  What does this mean in the larger cosmic sky?  For as a mythic lover, I see inside of every story is at least a grain of truth, if not a whole beach.

We can see ourselves now, as a collective, in a mystical death rite of passage.  The rapture story is simply one rendition of a collective death and rebirth, we walk through at this time. In preparation for this mystical death rite day, we can see if our angels are blowing trumpets, or something like this.  Let me know if you hear the trumpets!  This means “judgement day has arrived,” and it is time to let go of “right and wrong” thinking.  We at this point lift the veils which were lowered in the garden of Eden, when eve bit the “apple,” of Good and Evil and we “fell into judgement.” “Judgement Day,” in mystical tarot wisdom, is the day when all humans stop thinking in terms of “right and wrong,” rising in the spirit of compassion, forgiveness and a divinely expanded heart like the Christ-heart.

Today is a good day to feel our heartbeat and its connection to all other human beings on this earth.  Our evolution is found in expanding our sense and ability to presence this HEART of ours.  Our greatest form of DEATH in these times is the death of the ego, due to the expansion of the Heart!  Ahhh Ha!  It is the DEATH of the human EGO, soon REBIRTH of the Human HEART.

Love to all beings!

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