May 19, 2011 – Communications, Art and Beauty Healing and Grounding

MOON TRINES JUPITER at 7:17 am pdt, then goes VOID in FIRE.  Although we have emotions, the request of the day is that we learn to “expand” our perceptions so we’re seeing the world in a way that makes us happy.  If we don’t like our experience, shift our perception.

MERCURY SEXTILE CHIRON at 10:11 am pdt – This is about healing through communications.  Perception is involved.

MOON INTO EARTH Capricorn at 1:16 pm – GROUNDING!

MOON in Capricorn sextile NEPTUNE in Pisces.  Grounding emotions and creativity with blood, sweat, tears and dirt!

MOON SQUARES URANUS at 7:33 pm pdt – These are shocking and revelatory times.  This square may be shocking, and luckily a few hours later, there is a MOON TRINE VENUS, soothing our chaos and discomfort with love, art and beauty.

VENUS sextiles CHIRON at MIDNIGHT for a FULL BODY BEAUTY and ART Healing!  Allow the dreamtime and our inner healers to touch our deepest unmet needs.  Tonight we are healing some ancient material with inner beauty.