May 16 – 2011 Monday FullMoonday!

FULL MOON takes place in the middle of late tonight, truly early tomorrow morning at 4:09 am pdt.  Today is the peak waxing flowering light of this lunar cycle.  We are peaking in our manifestation of money, power, sexuality, and our deep focus of value.  Our love manifests into resources, time, energy and sexual vitality. The moon is peaking in SCORPIO and it is SPRINGTIME!

This Peaking MOON  waxes after a sextile to PLUTO yesterday evening, all the way to the FULL MOON late tonight. We are working with balancing and coming into alignment with our own right use of POWER and VALUE.

Today is packed with PLANETARY ASPECTS in our communications and creative love expressions areas!  MERCURY conjuncts VENUS at 2:25 am pdt, sending us electrically charged into our day!  Our communications meets our love and its all happening in Fiery Aries.  We are in peak manifestation this day!  This Mercury Venus sextiles Neptune in the early morning around 8am and this love becomes spiritualized, waterized, and blended with our particular flavor of “the river of life.”  We must dive into this river, push off of our shores, and celebrate passionately what we know we need to do next!  Our deep longings and creative dreams can be our highest focus of power today!  Watering our Sacred Fires!